It Takes A Tribe

Warning: Extremely Cute Photos Below

Mums (Moms, because I’m Canadian and this is how we spell it) & Bubs

(Disclaimer, I know this may not be the easiest blog post to read for those who have lost children or have never been able to have babies of their own.  I just wanted all of you to know that you ARE powerful, inspiring, beautiful women who deserve to be celebrated like every other woman on the planet, with or without children)

As a kid (maybe more like pre-teen, but for those of you who knew me through my adolescent years you’ll know they weren’t kind to me… I was definitely a late bloomer, so I may have been a kid… may have been 16, the only difference in pictures would have been acne and braces) I can remember going to baby showers with my mom, playing those games where you weren’t allowed to cross your legs or couldn’t say the word baby, and to be perfectly frank, I used to think baby showers were the most boring thing to be invited to ever!

(Pretty much me as a teenager – Photo Google Images)

But NOW I can honestly say that I love baby showers (even if there is still the occasional game we have to play). As I have gotten older, I’ve begun to realise that baby showers are less about diaper cakes (ps I totally want one when it’s my turn, but with cloth diapers please!) and ALL about celebrating the Mother-To-Be and giving words of encouragement. Letting her know that it really does take a tribe to raise a child, that no matter what happens she won’t be alone in what’s ahead.

There is something so powerful when women support other women. When we decide to stand together and say “I’m here for you no matter what life (or your future baby) throws at you”.

Below are a few of my favourite memories of some of the very special celebrations I’ve been honoured to be a part of!

I hope you enjoy and as always, I’d love to hear what you think, leave me a comment below!

Photos: MyMomenti Photography 

When you girlfriends throw you a surprise baby shower, with a photographer, picnic and flower crown to match.

I’ve had the privilege to be asked to create bespoke crowns and flowers for Kristina & Adele on multiple occasions, from Kristina’s baby shower, to Adele’s Dedication, to Mother’s Day photo shoots, and I’ve loved every single time!


From cakes, to hair pieces, to arrangements, to signs and cards (like the one pictured above by Little Hoot Hoot ), we have had the opportunity to do it all, to spoil special moms and moms-to-be and help them feel loved and celebrated. I can honestly say, I have the best job in the world!

Wanting to spoil a mom (MUM if your Australian)?  Get in touch with us at The Olive Branch to see the wide range of options we offer from flowers, to styling, to planning the perfect baby friendly celebration!

Peace, Love & Flower Power,




Author: Katlyn Stone

Owner, Florist & Stylist at The Olive Branch Floral & Event Stylists // Freelance Writer & Stylist specialising in Weddings, Design, Health & Lifestyle

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